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Why is the Left Hell-bent on Romanticizing Communism?

Its critical American conservatives continue to advocate against all forms of collectivism. History has shown collectivism leads to oppression and death. Vladimir Lenin, Kim Jong-il, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot are just a fews names linked to collectivist societies. These men all share a common theme, they were evil oppressive dictators who murdered and imprisoned people who were opposed to the "collective good".

Two critical components of human nature, laziness and greed, will forever stand in the way of collectivism. While a free society suppresses laziness through failure. A collectivist society rewards laziness through government subsidization. This formula is not sustainable, collectivism promotes laziness and leads to the eventual collapse of its collective society.

Collective societies attempt to suppress greed through government control and regulation. Let me ask, did you ever debate a liberal or collectivist? The liberal or collectivist will always use the word "they". Here's a couple examples ; "They will take money from the well off and give to the poor", or "They will regulate and control a certain type of behavior". When you get in this debate, ask the liberal or collectivist, who's "they"? The fact is, "they" is the government. So what happens when greed plagues "they", the government? In a collectivist society people are willing to trade their freedom for the security of Government, which leads to a bloated oversized government full of power hungry bureaucrats. Greed then plagues the bureaucracy, leading to an elite ruling class that will never peacefully transcend its power back to the people.

While greed leads to the destruction of a collectivist society, in a free society, greed is actually good. Greed in a capitalist society leads to job creation, wealth creation and overall improvements to standards of living. Greed is slightly regulated through limited government in most capitalist societies.

Collectivism has killed and oppressed more people than most wars and diseases.With so much historical evidence illustrating the disfunction of collectivism. Why does the left continue to insist collectivism will work? Listen to Rob North, Bernie North and myself answer this question via an in depth conversation regarding the romanticizing of communism. Listen here:

Executive Director of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, Marion Smith joined us to help in our conversation about communism. We discussed the victims of communism, the romanticizing of communism and how we combat the growing acceptance of collectivism.Find out more about Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation at Listen to our conversation here:

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