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New Episode - China's Plan To Destroy America And Control The World

On This Episode:  Join Russ Fine as he discusses the dictator of China, Xi Jinping's plan to destroy America and control the rest of the world. His plan is working. Xi needs a weak America to proceed. Biden's America is weak. Russ looks at the plan and discusses a way to stop it. Plus more!

New Episode - President Trump Update with Fred Lucas, Daily Signal White House Correspondent.

On This Episode: Russ Fine welcomes Fred Lucas, Daily Signal White House Correspondent and author of the book "Abuse of Power: The Three Year Campaign to Impeach Donald Trump" back to the show to give an update on President Trump's future plans. Be sure to pick up his book here: BUY "Abuse of Power: The Three Year Campaign to Impeach Donald Trump" HERE

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New Episode - Remember When Democrats Hated Mail-In-Voting?


Everyone remember when the Democrats were advocating against mail-in-voting back in the early 2000's? Some of you might, some might not. The left is doing its best to cover it up. Russ Fine breaks down the Democrats strong stance against mail-in-voting and why it changed in the last election cycle. Plus much more! LISTEN HERE OR IN PLAYER BELOW:

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