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Every Black Life Matters to Project 56

Organizations like Black Lives Matter, Inc have no interest in fixing the cultural issues in our inner-cities. These organizations (Like BLM) are funded by powerful, wealthy, white Marxist elites whos intention is not to protect black life, but instead to increase black, and minority dependence on Government. 

The number one killer in our black communities is the deviation from God and the Government induced regression of the nuclear family. This movement has lead to the death (by abortion) of over 20 million Black Americans since 1973. 


Project 56 is a group of conservative Americans working to preserve the foundational, constitutional principles of the United States of America. We believe all humans are created equal in the eyes of God. We do not see through the prism of skin color, as the left in America does. We believe black, white it doesn't matter, you can be as successful as you want in life. America presents opportunity for every race of human. Fact is, the most successful and wealthy minorities in the world live in The United States of America.


Project 56 believes the issues our black and minority communities face has nothing to do with skin color, but everything to do with a deteriorating inner-city culture. If you place any race of human in the modern American inner-city culture they will fail. Skin color has nothing to do with it. White, Latino, Black Americans all struggle within our inner-city cultures. Instead of fixing the problem and advocating for real change, the left instead attempts to normalize inner-city culture and alienate those trying to fix it. 

The clear path to repairing our Government induced broken inner-city culture is through a cultural "injection" of God and the advocation for strong nuclear families.

It is evident the American left is working to destroy the nuclear family and replace it with radical Marxist collectivist structure, in other words, the left wants the state to become family. This radical movement has destroyed our inner-cities. 

This is why Project 56 supports organizations like Every Black Life Matters. Every Black Life Matters has a clear plan to combat radical collectivism, help get God back in our inner-cities, and promote STRONG nuclear families (Our inner city youth needs their fathers). Find out more about Every Black Life Matters at

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