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It's Official: Project 56 Will Not Recognize Joe Biden as 46th President of The United States

Project 56 will not recognize Joe Biden as President of the Unites States until the election is properly investigated and adjudicated through the courts. (we want your opinion, take survey here: Will you recognize Biden as President?)

Democrats expect America to believe 80 million plus unenthusiastic Democrats showed up to vote for a creepy, racist, white old man who has been a 47 year career, do nothing, sleaze politician. These Democrats expect us to believe a guy who was forced to drop out of two presidential races because he cheated in one race and made extremely racist comments in the other race won this election.

What makes this even more unbelievable is just 4 years ago only 65 million Trump hating, enthusiastic Democrats showed up to vote for potentially the first woman president in Hiliary Clinton. The Democrats had an opportunity to elect the first woman President but only 65 million Democrats showed up to vote. Just 4 years before that Democrat demigod Barack Obama received 70 million votes.

Additionally, during the last 4 years Republicans and conservatives united around a very strong Trump administration. Record amounts of Democrats jumped ship fearing the Democrat socialist, anti-American platform and got on the Trump bandwagon. Republican voter registration set new records, and Trump enthusiasm was through the roof. All signs indicated a Trump landslide. Yet, the Democrats expect us to believe this Biden goof won.

Either 15 million Democrats didn’t vote in 2016 because they are sexists who believe a woman can not be President, or this election is a load of nonsense. Either way this election was stolen from the American people.

We have mountains of evidence that Democrat operatives stole this election via ballet harvesting, vote fraud, tampering with ballots and dysfunctional voting machines. Thousands of American citizens have sworn to affidavits stating they witnessed election fraud . Swing state governments such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan...committed election fraud by illegally changing voting laws just weeks before the election.

Just the other day republican law makers released a report in Pennsylvania stating county election results showed 6,962,607 total ballots were reported as being cast, while the SURE system indicated that only 6,760,230 total voters actually voted, which is a difference of 202,377 votes. The Republicans said this 202,377 gap, coupled with 31,547 fewer presidential race votes seen in county data, amounts to "an alarming discrepancy" of 170,830 votes, which is more than twice the reported statewide difference between Biden and Trump.

With all this evidence and all these irregularities there is no way Joe Biden won this election therefore The Boiler Room and Project 56s New Years resolution is to not recognize Joe Biden as President until the courts adjudicate this election.

We want to hear from you! Will you recognize Joe Biden as President? CLICK HERE TO ANSWER

Listen to The Boiler Room presented by Project 56. In this episode Russ Fine explains why Joe Biden can not be recognized as the President. Listen Below:


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