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More Facts About Climate Change

There is no doubt that the Earths climate is changing and will always change. The problem with the left wing regressive argument is there are limited facts to support the claim of the Earths climate changing at a faster rate due to human interaction.

The left wing propagandists use climate change fear mongering to push through radical left wing collectivist agendas. These propagandists try to scare the public into voting for socialists like Crazy Uncle Bernie or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They say there will be more devastating hurricanes and more wildfires. The fear tactics are simply not true and here are the facts to back it up:

Source Sons of Lincoln

Source Sons of Lincoln

As you can see in the graphics above the fear mongering is inaccurate. Folks, this is how propaganda works. The propagandists uses fear to coerce people into voting a thinking a certain way. The man made climate change hoax is nothing more than fear mongering to push through collectivist and global agendas.

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