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What is Justice Reform?

What does criminal justice reform actually mean?

I'm a conservative American who whole heatedly supports criminal justice reform, but my definition of criminal justice reform greatly differs from the liberal definition.

Liberals define criminal justice reform as a reduction in the amount of minorities incarcerated in America. Their premise, minorities are incarcerated at a higher rate than whites BECAUSE a bunch of racist cops our out to get you, is tremendously flawed. My eight year old could have created this uneducated nonsensical premise.

The fact is minorities infringe on other Americans rights at a greater rate than white Americans. This doesn't happen due to skin color, it happens because our minority cultures are tremendously flawed. Listen to a rap song and you will see what I mean.

Minority cultures have deteriorated because of government NOT a lack of government. Our government has created and is continually breeding an entitlement culture in our minority communities. Government needs to be replaced with God in these communities.

Liberals are very hypocritical when it comes to their solutions to criminal justice reform. In one breath they argue law enforcement is bad and in another breath they advocate for more government regulations and laws. Law enforcement officers have a job to do. That job is to enforce the laws WE THE PEOPLE voted for.

How in the world can a liberal stand any ground in a criminal justice reform debate WHEN they advocate for more government with their collectivist approach to society.

Real criminal justice reform MEANS reducing legislation or law! Our country was founded on the principle that our rights come from God NOT MAN! The founders believed a moral group of people would be able to self govern in a limited government system!

Make no mistake, I am not advocating for a lawless society. However, I am advocating for a limited law (government) society. Laws in America were created to get bad people off the street NOT to control our lives or our behavior.

I'm an American and I only have one audience, that's God NOT GOVERNMENT!

LISTEN to me destroy a communist on this broadcast of Sons of Lincoln Live:

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