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Marxist Organization Exposed in Northeast Pennsylvania

Project 56's Operation Incendium has uncovered a Marxist revolutionary organization based in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The organizations name is Progressive Alternative. They have social media accounts on both twitter and Facebook. They are responsible for organizing and participating in riots. This is a self proclaimed ANTIFA organization. They are also responsible for inciting violence against a President of the United States and people of opposing political beliefs. Operation Incendium was alerted of this group via a concerned citizen who encountered their violent Facebook account and twitter account. See below to find out more about Operation Incendium.

Operation Incendium took multiple screen shots from this organizations Facebook page. As you scroll through the story we will explain each screenshot

The organization "Progressive Alternative" makes it very clear that anyone who disagrees with the Marxist fascist narrative of ANTIFA is a Nazi. They classify Nazi's as Conservatives, Trump Supporters and Republicans. Its laughable because the organization has no idea what Fascism or Nazism means. Its even more laughable that a group advocating for National Socialism doesn't understand Nazi is German for National Socialism. Its scary because they go on in multiple posts threatening to kill Nazi's (By Nazi they mean Trump Supporters, Conservatives, and Republicans...Anyone opposing the Marxist agenda of ANTIFA)

As you can see in the next few screenshots they promote the killing of Nazi's...(By Nazi they mean Trump Supporters, Conservatives, and Republicans...Anyone opposing the Marxist agenda of ANTIFA)

More references to killing people. As you read through these posts its important to note that Facebook and Twitter did not censure this group and they allowed these actual threats of direct acts of violence to remain posted on the account. Yet, Facebook and Twitter is censuring Project 56 for making posts questioning election integrity. Facebook even labeled a post in which Project 56 asked a question, "Is it racist for Democrats to believe Black Americans can not acquire an id to vote?', as hate speech and put the organization on probation.

Below you can see more evidence that this organization is referring to people on the right as Nazi's and then threatening to kill them .

In the screenshot below this organization is clearly calling to violence. It is also apparent that media lies were fueling their rage and helping to incite their calls to action.

In the screenshot below you will see more direct calls to violence. Yet Facebook allows the post to stay on the page.

This organization takes it a step farther and calls for the President to be shot with rubber bullets in the rose garden. Again, a direct threat and Facebook allows it to stay on the page.

In the screenshot below you will see the question "Time to Storm DC yet?"

Here is a direct quote from a South American Marxist revolutionary posted on their page.

Lastly, here is a direct call to riot and burn cities down. These are direct calls to riot and violence yet Facebook finds this to be suitable behavior.

Operation Incendium "Extinguishing the fire of Marxism with the flame of Liberty" is a peaceful citizen investigation into Left wing Marxist organizations, anti-constitutional Government operatives and partisan voting advocacy groups. The operation's goal is to expose the Marxist movement and provide the American people with truth. Please contact Project 56 with any information at Any violent threats or advocating violence will be reported to authorities.

Watch the most recent episode of The Boiler Room below or listen to the full podcast on any of your favorite platforms by clicking here.


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