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State governments have become too powerful. 2020 is evidence of this. From the radical, destructive pandemic response to the illegal changes in voting laws. The people must peacefully regain control of their state governments. This is the Project 56 plan to give Pennsylvania back to the people.


  • Elect a true conservative to Governor.

  • Repeal Act 77 and restore election integrity.

  • Limit executive power during public health crisis and other crisis.

  • Primary out establishment Republicans and restore true conservatism to the Pennsylvania Republican Party.     

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Repeal Act 77 NOW

In 2019, Pennsylvania state lawmakers illegally passed an amendment to the Pennsylvania state constitution regarding voting law. This law is know as Act77. These changes created an election environment conducive for election fraud and severely undermined the security of  the 2020 election and future elections. This legislation was a Republican supported bill making the following changes to voting laws:

  • No excuse mail-in voting - The law creates a new option to vote by mail without providing an excuse, which is currently required for voters using absentee ballots. Pennsylvania joins 31 other states and Washington, D.C. with mail-in voting that removes barriers to elections.

  • 50-day mail-in voting period - All voters can request and submit their mail-in or absentee ballot up to 50 days before the election, which is the longest vote-by-mail period in the country.

  • Permanent mail-in and absentee ballot list - Voters can request to receive applications for mail-in or absentee ballots for all primary, general and special elections held in a given year. Counties will mail applications to voters on the list by the first Monday of each February. Voters who return an application will receive ballots for each election scheduled through the next February. Pennsylvania is the 12th state to provide voters with the automatic option.

  • 15 more days to register to vote - The deadline to register to vote is extended to 15 days from 30 days before an election. Cutting the current deadline by half enables more people to participate in elections. The new more flexible and voter friendly deadlines provide more time to register to vote than 24 other states.

  • Extends mail-in and absentee submission deadlines - Voters can submit mail-in and absentee ballots until 8:00 p.m. on election day. The current deadline is 5:00 p.m. on the Friday before an election, which is the most restrictive in the country. Pennsylvanians submitted 195,378 absentee ballots in 2018, but 8,162 – more than four percent – missed the deadline and were rejected. The national average is only two percent.

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Governor Tom Wolf  has not worked out well for the people of Pennsylvania. His extreme leftist policies have damaged economic growth in Pennsylvania. Tom Wolf and his executive branch infringed upon Pennsylvanians unalienable right to earn a living during a public health crisis. Tom Wolf also forced extended care facilities and nursing homes to bypass their own infectious disease protocols and accept COVID positive patients into facilities leading to the spread of COVID and high death tolls amongst our elderly and vulnerable populations.


Tom Wolf  is not the only culpable figure in the downfall of Pennsylvania. Establishment Republicans  aided Tom Wolf  by voting for unconstitutional laws like Act 77.  These are not the actions of true conservatives. 

After a very careful vetting process Project 56 has decided to support an "outsider" for the office of Governor in Pennsylvania. Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale has a true conservative vision for the great state of Pennsylvania. Much like President Trump was, Joe Gale is an establishment outsider. He is not beholden to the swamp in Harrisburg or Washington D.C.  Joe will work to repeal Act 77 helping to increase election security and integrity. He is a pro life, pro America, fiscally responsible conservative. Find out more about Joe Gale at

Listen below to Russ Fine's discussion with Joe Gale regarding the sabotaging of the 2020 election in Pennsylvania. (The discussion is at the 77 minute mark of the show. Listen to the full episode to discover the truth behind the 2020 election.) 

Repeal Act 77
Joe Gale for Governor
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