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Project 56 prescribed a healthy dose of self responsibility from the start of the Covid Crisis.

From the beginning, Project 56 said take Covid seriously, just as you would take any virus seriously. We never said Covid is a hoax, we said the media hype and left wing politicization is a hoax. We laid out a clear plan; Protect the vulnerable amongst us, the elderly and immunosuppressed. We recommended locking down nursing homes. We recommended elderly and immunosuppressed staying at home and limiting contact with other people. We also recommended Americans using there own self responsibility to protect their family's.


The response to Covid in many states was illegal and un-American. Many Democrat lead states forced nursing homes and extended care facilities to bypass infectious disease protocols and accept contagious patients. This behavior is criminal. Worse yet, these states infringed on Americans unalienable rights, specifically the right to earn a living.  The unalienable rights of Americans do not end when a crisis begins. The fact remains, our rights stand strong during any crisis. 

We released these videos at the start of the crisis. WATCH

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