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The Trump Movement Will Live On

The Trump movement is not dead. Last night on The Boiler Room (follow a link below to listen to our most recent episode "Is secession the answer?') I talked about Barry Goldwater laying the foundation for the Reagan

conservative movement. I believe Trump is a Goldwater conservative and the Trump movement will live on and get stronger. If Biden illegally gets the White House in 2020 I strongly believe a movement will occur the likes this country has never seen. This movement will be larger than the Tea Party. It will be lead by Goldwater/Trump conservatives.

The Trump movement will focus on securing our elections by requiring voter ID and ending mass mail in ballots. There needs to be a strong initiative towards a convention of the states and a constitutional amendment regarding election security.

Citizens also need to get behind a Trump conservative gubernatorial candidate for 2022 here in Pennsylvania. Other blue states need to get liberal tyrannical governors out of office and elect Trump/Goldwater conservative candidates. A conservative Governor might be more important than the person in the White House. President Trump has reformed portions of the Republican party, but there is still work to do. While the Trump movement may have last one battle there are plenty of other battles we can win in the war to save our great constitutional republic, The United States of America!

Listen to last nights episode on any of your favorite platforms below:

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