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The Prosecution Used To Persecute Conservative America

Roger Stone's prison sentence was recently reduced from the 7-9 year recommendation by a corrupt politically motivated prosecution team to a 3 year sentence. There is a huge problem in the fact that Roger Stone is seeing any prison time. Stone and other Trump associates are being prosecuted for "trap" crimes or process crimes by the left state. The reason behind this prosecution is to persecute Trump associates and continue to drive the false narrative of; "Well look all these Trump associates are going to jail so Trump must have done something wrong ".

On this broadcast of The Boiler Room Russ Fine and Rob North discuss the Roger Stone conviction and the blue print the left state is using for political prosecution. We also discuss voter ID; Is it honestly racist to require all races to have ID when they vote? We answer this question.

Mike Bloomberg illustrated just how out of touch he is when it comes to blue collar America. We take a few minutes and breakdown Bloomberg's farmer comments.

The United Nations puts out another scary "CO2 Boogeyman" report accusing successful people of changing the Earths climate and in doing so oppressing poor people... plus much more!

There are a variety of ways to listen:

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