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Inner-city Culture and the Government is Destroying The African American Community

A very sad story is unfolding about a 17 year old black student in Baltimore, Maryland. He and his mother thought he was set to graduate this June but instead he will be moved back to the 9th grade. Here is the story from Fox 5 Baltimore:

"BALTIMORE (WBFF) – A shocking discovery out of a Baltimore City high school, where Project Baltimore has found hundreds of students are failing. It’s a school where a student who passed three classes in four years, ranks near the top half of his class with a 0.13 grade point average.

Tiffany France thought her son would receive his diploma this coming June. But after four years of high school, France just learned, her 17-year-old must start over. He’s been moved back to ninth grade.

“He's stressed and I am too. I told him I'm probably going to start crying. I don't know what to do for him,” France told Project Baltimore. “Why would he do three more years in school? He didn't fail, the school failed him. The school failed at their job. They failed. They failed, that's the problem here. They failed. They failed. He didn't deserve that.”

France’s son attends Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts in west Baltimore. His transcripts show he’s passed just three classes in four years, earning 2.5 credits, placing him in ninth grade. But France says she didn’t know that until February. She has three children and works three jobs. She thought her oldest son was doing well because even though he failed most of his classes, he was being promoted. His transcripts show he failed Spanish I and Algebra I but was promoted to Spanish II and Algebra II. He also failed English II but was passed on to English III.

“I'm just assuming that if you are passing, that you have the proper things to go to the next grade and the right grades, you have the right credits,” said France.

As we dig deeper into her son’s records, we can see in his first three years at Augusta Fells, he failed 22 classes and was late or absent 272 days. But in those three years, only one teacher requested a parent conference, which France says never happened. No one from the school told France her son was failing and not going to class.

“I feel like they never gave my son an opportunity, like if there was an issue with him, not advancing or not progressing, that they should have contacted me first, three years ago,” said France.

Sorry, but this is not just the school’s fault. Inner city culture is to blame as well. These kids are growing up without dads. They are growing up in one income households. This is a cultural problem that people are afraid to address. BLM Inc. refuses to address the fatherless society our inner-city youth live in. In fact, BLM Inc. promotes the destruction of the nuclear family! BLM Inc. argues these kids need the state to help them. Well, this story is a perfect example of the state failing our inner-city youth.

If we want to fix our inner-city issues, we need to promote God. We need to promote the nuclear family. There was a time when African American communities had some of strongest nuclear families. Unfortunately, the Democrat party came along hell bent on destroying nuclear families (whether it was intentional or unintentional it happened) to create dependency on the state, and guarantee Democrat power. Our inner cities need to get back family values and get away from Marxist ideology. They need to go back to the preaching’s of the great Dr. Martin Luther King and get away from the hateful, Marxist teachings of Malcolm X.

If you want to support real change and help our inner-city youth, then you need to visit

Support a true conservative candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania, Joe Gale. He is advocating for school choice which will help to hold failing schools like the one above accountable in Pennsylvania. Follow him at


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