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Save Education in America

As citizens of the United States of America there are many steps we need to take in saving this great nation from internal collapse. One of the critical steps we need to take is reforming our system of education, here’s how we do it: Education is a critical component in a successful society. In the United States our public education system has become overly public and too federalized. Education is not a one size fits all system. For example, a Midwestern student may require a education modeled around agriculture while a city student may require an education modeled around something entirely different. Point is, a Midwestern high school may have a different curriculum than a high school in the city. This is perfectly fine and necessary.

Public education in the United States has strayed away from being strictly educators and moved towards taking the place of parents. Replacing parents with the state is a purposeful act and a necessity for any large collectivist movement which is happening in the United States. Teachers are our children’s educators not their parents. Sure, our schools need to be strict with kids and enforce the rules of the school in order to maintain a safe and successful learning environment. However, teachers do not need to teach our kids how they should think or feel about gender, sexuality and other hyper-personal topics that should be left up to the parent.

Our schools have evolved into Anti-American, Pro-Marxist indoctrination centers. American schools spend more time promoting Marxist propaganda than teaching the basics of writing, reading, and arithmetic. This evolution can be directly attributed to the power and corruption of leftist teacher unions. Teacher unions are power hungry and money hungry, working in step with the federal government implementing blanket curriculum that indoctrinates children into believing the founding ideals of the United States are evil. Our schools are a breeding ground for Marxist thought, creating a high volume of Marxist voters in every graduating class. This has to stop!

How do we fix this? How do we save America’s system of education. The short term answer might be easier than you think. However, the long term fix is a bit more complicated.

Let’s look at the short term answers first:

- Local elections matter! Know who you are voting for! Elect school board members that are willing to stand against the Marxist movement and promote the involvement of parents. The school board should be the voice of the parents and tax payers in a school district. School boards should reflect the political and cultural values of the community it represents, and act accordingly. For example, if you live in a predominantly conservative area then your school board should be conservative and represent the beliefs and values of the community.

- Don’t allow the school to take your place as a parent. As a parent it’s your job to understand what your child is being taught. Putting blind faith in school needs to end. Constantly check your child’s curriculum. Reach out to school administrators, teachers, etc. Remember, as a parent and a tax payer you are the schools boss, the school answers to you.

- Again, local elections matter! Vote in Conservative Governors, vote in Conservative State Reps and State Senators. The state governments job is to keep school districts accountable to the community they serve. State and Federal government should have limited involvement in a school districts operation.

Let’s look at long term answers:

- Bigger is NOT better! Large school districts should be reformed and broken into smaller districts. This reform paves the way to school choice. Parents in a geographical area should have multiple K-12 options with in driving distance. Competition between schools drives accountability. This will naturally create safer, more effective schools.

- Eliminate property taxes! If you don’t have a child in school you shouldn’t have to pay for school. It’s that simple. Parents with children in private school shouldn’t have to pay for public school. Our schools are currently OVER funded. Yes that’s right our schools are over funded. If you have a child in public school then you should have to pay a public school tax or fee.

- No, people are not born with a God granted right to a free education. However, people are born with a God granted right to pursue an education. Public education is the problem not the solution. A long term solution to public education is making it less public and more private. Private schools are thriving. Private schools have better athletic programs, better extra curricular programs, private schools are safer, and the curriculum is more accountable to the parents. Privatization of public education drives competition, competition breeds success.

- How can low income families take advantage of a more private system of education? America already subsidizes almost everything a low income family needs. If a family can’t afford to pay for education then it’s better to subsidize that family rather than direct funds to the massive, one-size fits all, corrupt, money hungry public education system we currently. In other words, it’s better to direct education money to the family rather than the large bureaucratic public education system.

At the end of the day it's not about saving our schools. Why would we want to save our broken schools and broken education system? We need to reform education in America.


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