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The Religion of Global Warming

I've got to talk a little about Climate Change or whatever the heck it's called these days. The Bernie Bots are running around promoting socialism in America, so it got me thinking, about the truth behind climate hoax. Man made global warming/climate change, is the most dangerous and careless hoax in modern history. The earth's climate is always changing, more importantly, the sun has more of an impact on our climate than anything else. We went through warming and cooling trends before humans roamed the earth or diesel engines cruised the roads. Yes, it would be fantastic to completely move away from fossil fuels, however, it's not realistic. Our government is wasting money and resources subsidizing "green energy", free market capitalism will eventually create efficient alternative "green" energy sources. Lets face it folks, this hoax is all about globalization and has very little to do with protecting our planet. The liberal mind is a very simplistic mind. Bernie Sanders and company's answer for every problem is to take from one group of people and give to another group of people. Look out folks. Climate hoax is being used to initiate global socialism. Very scary!

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