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How We Combat Islamic Fundamentalism

I need to start by saying that there are a ton of good, peaceful Muslims around the world. However, there are a ton of violent, militant Islamic fundamentalists around the world. Our goal is to help people understand the current war we are involved in; a war for the soul of humanity! Islam at its core is somewhat skewed and it's long overdue for a full blown reformation. Sharia and other theocratic principles taught in the Quran and Hadith can not exist in modern civilized western culture. Our world has no room for woman to be peddled as slaves, gays stoned to death and infidels burned alive or beheaded. Moderate muslims, peaceful Muslims need to rise up and advocate this reformation. At the end of this article I will provide links to some Islamic organizations advocating reform, but first I will outline our plan. So let's get started. Step 1: The world needs to be united. A line needs to be drawn, this is good versus evil. There can't be dabbling on each side and the United States HAS to lead the way. I get that we have the United Nations, but it's a corrupt organization, sympathetic to Islamic fundamentalism and it's not supressing the enemy. The United States are the good guys and the world needs to stand with us! Step 2: The United States and our allies need to clearly recognize and define our enemy. This is the most important step, and quite frankly we aren't even close to clearly defining our enemy. We have a clan of Islamic sympathizers running our country making the world and our homeland less safe. Our commander-in-chief refuses to call the Islamic State Islamic, this is completely moronic and reckless behavior. Our next leader needs to clearly define our enemy and I'm here to help. The enemy in the global war on terror isn't just ISIS, Boka Horam, Taliban, Hezbula and so on, it's Islamic fundamentalism. Once we destroy ISIS, another group of Islamic fundamentalist will rise. We are at war with a theocratic idealogy embedded with in the teachings of the Quran and Hadith. The modern civilized world can not exist hand in hand with these ideological differences. Step 3: Once we clearly define our enemy, we then unleash the wrath of God on them, and wipe their skewed ideology off the face of earth. The United States needs to be strong and exceptional in order to make this happen. Our economy needs to be a well oiled machine, our military needs be rebuilt and ready to unleash hell on our enemy, and our country's culture needs to be repaired. Let's look at our culture first, it's a mess. We need to advocate the Christian principles that once made our culture something we could be proud of. We can't have mothers killing their baby's, guys marrying guys, guys turning into girls and so on. Let's face it, our country and our ability to combat evil decreases as our culture declines. The military needs to be rebuilt and strong, the liberal restraints tied to our forces need to be cut, and our military must be allowed to unleash hell on our enemy. This war is a long war and needs to be funded by our federal government. Our economy needs to be a well oil machine, and return to the free market principles making exponential economic growth possible. Step 4: Innovative warfare. It's of my opinion our federal government's top expenditure should be military and keeping us safe. Innovative warfare is geared toward advancing technology in the field of intelligence and combat. We want to limit American and allied loss of life, however we need a high level of intelligence. The only solid way to gather intelligence is boots on the ground. America needs to lead the way innovating intelligence and war technology. Step 5: Islamic Reformation. The United States and Allied forces, in our plan, have recognized that our enemy is embedded in the heart of Islam. The United States and allies need to align themselves with reformed Muslims looking to save their religion, and help advocate or force a reformation. The reformation must eliminate any theocratic and imperialistic principles within the religion, i.e Sharia Law. An Islamic reformation is long overdue. Step 6: Immigration. While we battle this ideology, a ban on Islamic immigration and refugees entry needs to be in place, until we can properly vet these people. Our borders need to be sealed and our immigration system reformed. As a nation, we need to understand that this war will take decades of strength along with patience, and determination.

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