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If Charlie Daniels Can Do It…

Sons of Lincoln Live had the great honor and privilege of interviewing Charlie Daniels last Thursday. I have to pinch myself even to write those words.

For over a year Sons of Lincoln have been working in our free moments - between our day jobs and raising families, late meetings, little league games, and church on Sundays. We've been researching congressional actions, reading little-known history lessons, writing articles, trying to share the truth in a world where reality doesn't seem too popular. All this to try to educate ourselves and others about what is happening in our world and what we can do to preserve our great nation. I'll admit sometimes it didn't seem to be paying off. Is our small voice enough to make a difference? When all the national and social media is pumping one message, disheartedly, we asked ourselves, "Is it worth is?" Is it worth the time and money, the late nights and the hate mail, to communicate a message about which so few seem to care? Our interview with Charlie Daniels was the spark that I needed.

The Voice of America


Even more than the thrill of simply talking to this Legend, his message ignited me as a parent… as a Patriot. He is the voice of America in more ways than one! His iconic bass, southern twang, and no-nonsense message can’t help but strike a cord in any red-blooded American. He speaks a truth that the government and the media tell us isn’t popular today. We God-fearing, hard-working, gun-clinging, Patriots are labeled a joke, a backwoods’ cliché, phobic of this or that.

We rarely hear from “celebrities” that share Charlie’s love of America and unapologetic devotion to the Almighty God. Rather we’re blasted with the politically correct jargon of inclusion, acceptance and promotion of every desire imaginable. We’re inundated with the rhetoric that Christians are uneducated, bigoted, hateful, sheep following an antiquated system of beliefs. Charlie Daniels reminded us that there are people like us all across the country. It’s vital for us to speak our mind, share our values, and stand up for our beliefs – however hopeless the “trending” messages would have us believe.

Don’t let political correctness kill your Freedom of Speech.

Charlie Daniels calls it like it is. Standing up for what we believe in is the least we can do. We have our friends, our sons and daughters in the military doing a heck of a lot more than just voicing an “unpopular” opinion. These are the people who are risking far more than public ridicule or a couple nasty emails. Exercising the freedom our forefathers died for and that which American servicemen fight to defend is not only a right - it’s an obligation. Biting our tongue, passively waiting for someone else to stand up against the insanity that is putting our children and our way of life at risk is for cowards.

“If you’re able to work and you don’t do it, you’re a damn bum.”

That kind of plain talk is what we need to get back to. Whether setting an example for our children, speaking to our grassroots followers, or traveling the world for sold-out shows, we owe it to our forefathers, our servicemen, and our future generations to take a stand for what’s right. Stand up for the principles upon which our nation was founded. Charlie Daniels reminded us how to make an impact. In his daily twitter manta, “Let’s all make the day count,” he’s telling us to do something that will have a true impact. Teach our children respect for authority and fellow man! Teach them to love and fear God. Show them there is no honor in entitlements and self-gratifications. Teach them to be thinkers and prudent questioners of what they hear. Instill in them, the absolute necessity of hard work and honesty.

The whole world isn’t lost. America isn’t average. We aren’t alone in our love for America and the Almighty God. Damn! The legendary Charlie Daniels HIMSELF took the time to talk to a couple guys from Pennsylvania to encourage us and our listeners. We aren’t alone. And frankly, we have a responsibility to Take Back the USA!

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