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The Case for Trump

I won’t take up any of your time listing positions of the two remaining viable Republican candidates. That can be easily googled, or looked up on their campaign websites. This is simply an observation of the state of the Republican primary electorate.

Talk to any self-respecting Trump supporter about their reasons for supporting him and you’ll get the standard, “He tells it like it is.” Or, “He’s an outsider.” They may even say, “He’s electable.” I can admit that he does bring in a certain number of Democrats. One argument you’ll never hear from a Trump supporter is, “He’s the conservative.” Yes, people who’ve claimed to be conservatives for years have somehow come to the conclusion this time around that conservatism is not the answer.

Rush Limbaugh has said of Ted Cruz that he’s, "Brilliant, just absolutely brilliant. And conservative through and through. Trustworthy, strong, confident, leader, and somebody in whom you can totally depend." Limbaugh has also said that, “If Conservatism Is the Answer, Ted Cruz Is Your Guy.”

“If conservatism is the answer”. I’m sorry to say that we are finding out that the principles of conservatism and the standards laid out in the Constitution aren’t as popular among “conservatives” as I once believed. For the constitutionalist who rests on “These Truths” found in both the Declaration and Constitution, the choice is easy. It’s Cruz without a second thought. But for the “conservative” person who thinks “Democrats are bad,” and “Obama sucks,” it’s all about picking your flavor. Do you like the mild mannered Cruz or the hard charging Trump?

The way I see it, this nomination year could very well turn out the same as most others in recent history. Democrats and Republicans alike nominate the most liberal person available for their party.Argue for Trump all you want. You can’t argue he’s the conservative choice.

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