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Sons of Lincoln Endorse Ted Cruz

The Sons of Lincoln have officially endorsed Ted Cruz as the candidate we feel will take our country back to the conservative, constitutional values making us great! The Sons of Lincoln utilized a formula called the presidential rating matrix or P.R.I. This system carefully evaluated each person as we looked for a candidate who most closely represented our conservative, constitutional values. The presidential rating index is a weighted rating system broken into twelve categories, each category weighted on importance. Looking at each card you will see the rating definition, category, weight and score. The higher the weight means the more important the category i.e economic policies and national defense are extremely important thus receiving a 100 percent weighting, where as appearance and prowess are important but not as important thus receiving a lower weight. Categories you might think are important such as education policies are weighted much lower because we believe these are categories should be handled at the state level. Ted Cruz came out with the highest P.R.I number meaning he is the most conservative candidate and deserved our endorsement.

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