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The First Hundred Days

Over this past weekend President Donald Trump surpassed his first 100 days in office. Russ Fine and the Sons of Lincoln Live crew decided to give him a "B" for his first 100 days. Here's why we gave him a "B"...

The Good:

President Trump rolled back harsh Obama regulations. Obama stifled our economy with harsh EPA regulations and stringent business regulations. Trump began the long process of recreating a free market place.

The Trump administration started the process of revamping and rebuilding a military dismantled by the Obama administration. Under the Obama Whitehouse military spending was cut significantly leaving our military at pre-world war levels. Trump is strengthening our military.

President Trump has reestablished the presence and leadership of the United States around the world. President Obama managed our global presence as a "follow the leader" kind of strategy. This allowed country's like North Korea, Russia, Iran and Syria to grow in power. In fact, Russia became the leader in the war on global jihad. Donald Trump has made it clear that the United States will once again lead the world and we will utilize the very successful strategy of "peace through strength".

The Trump administration has tightened border security and strengthened illegal immigration enforcement around our country. We are a step closer to building a southern wall.

President Trump appointed a constitutional conservative Supreme Court justice, Neil Gorsuch. This was the most important accomplishment of Trumps first 100 days. America needs the court back. Gorsuch is s gigantic step towards an originalist/constitutionalist Supreme Court.

President Trump has rolled out a tax plan that will significantly benefit the United States economy. Obama managed to create a tax system which only benefited the poor. The middle class was left behind during the Obama years. President Trumps tax plan will help middle class families around America.

The Bad:

Repealment of Marxist Obama care. The repealment of Obama care has been an absolute disaster. The Trump sponsored, Republican replacement was a mess. Trump and Republicans have an opportunity to get healthcare right. They need to pass a bill which allows free markets to dictate pricing.

Trump has been slow to appoint over 20 circuit court justices. This needs to be completed ASAP.

No border wall YET. The issue with the border wall isn't that it has not been completed yet, its the fact that the recent budget has no funding for it.


The Trump administration's first 100 days has been a success and it signals a much needed change in direction for both foreign and domestic American policy. It's important President Trump follows through on his campaign promises over the course of his term. Listen to Russ Fine and Sons of lincoln Live crew discuss Trump's first 100 days here:

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