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bBY: Project 56

The United States is much more than a portion of land set between the Atlantic and Pacific ocean. The United States is an idea. An idea derived from the tree of liberty. A truly free nation of equal individuals granted rights from their creator. The U.S Constitution is the blueprint of the American idea, protecting  citizens from government infringement on their rights. This masterful blueprint has created somewhat of a utopia. A land, in which, people can be born poor and die rich. A land, in which, success is at any persons fingertips. America has become the ring bearer of freedom around the world. People from other nations yearn for immigration to America. While others despise America and curse everything America represents. Understanding all this, Project 56 believe National Defense is the essential responsibility of the Federal Government.  

Defending America is critical and defense starts at our borders. Yes, America is made of immigrants and immigration is promoted. However, a free for all can not take place at our borders. The process of immigrating to the United States should be repaired, but standards for immigrants should never be lowered. The southern and northern borders need to be secured. The United States can not allow unvetted immigrants to cross the border and become citizens. 

The vetting process of potential American citizens is vital for the safety and security of current citizens. This process helps us screen for potential diseases, and reveals any security threats such as links to terrorism. Current illegal immigrants residing in the United States need to be vetted before any type of citizenship is granted. It is an eminent security risk to simply grant these millions of illegal immigrants citizenship. 

Securing the borders is step one of defending our great nation. The next step is foreign intervention. Radical Islam is the greatest threat to the free world. Isolationism will not work when combating Radical Islam. The United States needs a calculated blend of isolationism and foreign intervention. It is paramount nuclear weapons never end up in the hands of Radicalized Muslims or countries represented by radicals. There is no short term solution to the eradication of radical Islam, this is a long term struggle. We need to stand shoulder to shoulder with allies such as Isreal. Standing with our allies confirms we are dedicated to the destruction of our enemy.  It is important we collude with non radicalized Muslims and help them reform parts of their religion. As said before, this is a long term struggle, nonetheless a struggle that must be had.

Successfully defending this nation hinges on the strength of our military. Unfortunately, current politicians are attempting to save money by dismantling and weakening the military. A debilitated military makes our country look vulnerable to enemies. A vulnerable America leads to an unstable world. It is important we rebuild our military and maintain peace through strength. 

We need to elect government officials that understand our enemies and support a strengthened military.

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