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bBY: Project 56

Yes, it's true the United States of America is built on immigration. Our country was built on the backs of hardworking immigrants who came to this country in search of freedom and liberty, not handouts and welfare. The original immigrants were oppressed people looking to escape oppressive, tyrannical governments. Unfortunately, this has all changed.


Modern immigration has taken a new meaning. A great amount, not all, immigrate to this country, not in search of liberty or freedom. Instead, they search for financial security through government programs. While our nation still attracts the best and the brightest, we currently attract far to many immigrants in search of nanny state policies as well. This must change.

Project 56 believes immigration is important, but it must be LEGAL immigration. People can not sneak into our country. Illegal immigration leaves our nation vulnerable to disease, crime and terrorism. 


Immigration law must be enforced. We need to reform legal immigration to protect American workers. We need to build a wall that works, triple border security, and put in place the surveillance and bio-metric tracking to secure the border. We need to stand against sanctuary policies, and stand with politicians that stop sanctuary policies.

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