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bBY: Project 56

Culture is the essential bloodline within the anatomy of a prosperous civilization. The United States once embodied a culminating blend of family, religion and economic principles.There was a time in America when people had a sense of pride and discipline; and family took precedence over everything. That time has come and gone, the culture of the United States is deteriorating into an "anything goes" society. Self restraint and moral boundaries are being warped to the point of non existence. Divorce rates are climbing, school shootings are a problem,children are raised with a distorted sense of reality, immigrants isolate rather than assimilate. We need change, we need to get back to the basic concepts that made America exceptional.

      The concept of family is paramount in American culture. Marriage is the fabric that holds a family together. Today, marriage is not clearly defined and is becoming unraveled, divorce rates are on the rise and less people are getting married. It doesn't take a village to raise a child, it takes the combination of a mothers nurturing ability and a fathers masculinity. This natural combination can not be redefined, redefinition will eradicate future generations of families. We need elected officials that understand the indispensable concept of family and keep the government out of raising our children. 

      Music is a reflection of culture. According to the huffington post, during the 1960s the five most common words used in song titles were "baby, twist, little, twisten and lonely". During the 2010s, the five most common words were "we, yeah, f@#k, hell and die". These words exemplify the direction our culture is heading, life is losing value, sex has lost its purity, marriage is redefined and certain religions are disparaged. 

      Discipline and pride is disappearing. People look for excuses to receive unemployment, people are taking advantage of long term disability via social security, people are avoiding marriage because its easier for single parents to get government subsidies. There was a time when entrepreneurial spirit bled through the veins of America, now it is vilified. People need to strive for success and not accept failure, otherwise our economy will collapse due to the unsustainable growth of a welfare state.

Project 56 believes a lack of discipline, loss of family values and a cultural shift in the arts and music represents the precarious direction of our society. In our opinion it is in the best interest of our great nation to move back to the basics. Our kids should be raised in our homes, under a natural structure. Life needs to be valued, success should not be vilified it should be incentivized. Growing comfortable with failure should not be an option.  


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