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bBY: Project 56

Our founding fathers and ancestors broke away from a governing body in which rights were created by the King of England. Civilizations of that time,  believed the King had a divine right to create rights and laws for their kingdom's citizenry. However, a brave group of American colonists begged to differ with the King.


You see, our founders believed that no person creates another person's  rights. They plotted a course to change the definition of a right and constitute a supreme idea; our rights are natural and come from God. The founders believed our rights to be inalienable; which means, rights can not be given by man or taken by man, rights are absolute in America. If  government gives you a right , said government can take away a right, this is not how the US Constitution works.


Our Constitution is set up to protect our inalienable rights; the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The laws within our Constitution are set up to make sure one person's right doesn't interfere with another person's right. For example, and this is important; Welfare at its core is unconstitutional. One person's property is confiscated and given to another person. Welfare is an infringement of someone's liberty and pursuit of happiness. We as a society tolerate a safety net, but the fact is, it's unconstitutional. The Bill of Rights outline and protect critical rights included under the umbrella of liberty.


Our founders believed God granted mankind an unprecedented opportunity to live and prosper on this earth. They believed the only restraint to the human spirit was the shackles of government. The Constitution is designed to protect us from the hand of government. Lets keep it that way!

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