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BY: Project 56

We are a group of hardworking, middle class citizens. Who have become concerned about our country's course. We believe in limited government, self responsibility, and our Constitution. The United States is heading down a very dangerous path. Our culture is rotting. Our economy is breaking. National debt is rising. Radical Islam is at war with us. And we are navigating down a road to socialism. We believe sitting around and talking about the problems is useless, action is needed. The question becomes, what action would actually change the path our nation is on? Project 56 has the answer.  

People say politicians like Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Shumer are the problem. Well that’s true to a certain extent. However, the real problem is people voting for deceptive and reckless politicians. We believe the voting base is being misled and is not informed. We also feel the wrong politicians are voted for during primary elections, especially in the Republican Party. We need elected officials that obey the constitution and stick to the values that make our country exceptional.

Plan of action:

  • Project 56 will use various platforms to articulate conservatism and change the minds of our fellow citizens. 

  • The Boiler Room is our weekly podcast streamed over the internet. The podcast gives the ability to create a dialogue with our fellow citizens. The show also puts a voice behind our cause.

  • is our website. The website gives us the ability to communicate with members of Son of Lincoln, along with fellow citizens. Articles on the website will refute liberal lies, illustrate liberal hypocrisy and articulate conservatism.

  • Social Media, such as facebook and youtube, is a tool to grow our audience and spread the word of conservatism.

  • Join the Project

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